Miscellaneous Information

This “new” site was set up to provide basic information while the original site was restored and will now continue to run in the event one or the other is hacked again.


The original PAFAA site was hacked but is now back up and running. The link to the original PAFAA site is http://www.pafaa.org.uk/wordpress


PACSO – People Appealing Convictions of Sexual Offences is a self-help kind of workshop for those trying to appeal convictions of an historic sexual nature. PACSO Appealing Convictions


PACSO forums are now open: these forums are for those falsely accused of historic abuse of  alleged abuse in a familial setting.

To join please follow the instructions on this link


We do not, cannot and never have charged for any of the work that we undertake or advice offered be it by telephone, email or face-to-face.